FAITH–AMAZING ROY (Older Update#2)

Just reading this again brings tears to my eyes.  Its a marvel how we forget to savor this life!  I SO thank GOD for Roy and I am so glad he wrote these words down for all of us to be inspired to live by.  Look at the character this man had.  Look at the LOVE that gushed out of him!  Indeed Roy WAS VICTORIOUS!  Don't be  fooled, Death does not always equal Defeat!  This blesses my heart completely and I hope we do not let anything( let alone small things) hinder us or distract us from living our best life- 
The following is the  second to last email update (personal info edited) from our Dearly Departed, AMAZING ROY!

Wow! This guy is amazing! His grace through this storm is breathtaking. I admire
him greatly! Brings me to tears and reminds me that I WONT complain but praise
God at all times! May God mightily bless Roy and his family and thank him for
the inspiration that he is to us all. Thanks for sharing his email. 

On Feb 4, 2015, at 10:51 AM, 
This is from  Roy here in our
group that has cancer.....

-----Original Message-----

Update from Roy

> Good Morning to everyone and welcome to February 2015.  I
hope this update finds everyone in good health and staying warm as we enter the
month second month 2015.  FYI, today is World Cancer Day, a day to focus on
curing Cancer once and for all!!!

This past week has been a very interesting week as is this week has been so far, with a few unexpected with a
few curve balls just to make life interesting.  _____ took me to get an eye
examine and new glasses last Wednesday.  The nice part of the eye examine was
that prescription hasn't changed since my last eye exam, which was way back in
April 2013.  For new glasses I choose Transition lens that adjust to the light
even inside due to my heighten sensitivity to light.  The glasses had to be
special ordered, which is not uncommon for me due to my prescription and severe
stigmatism, and they should be ready either on Thursday or Friday this week.

 On Thursday, I started to feel light headed when I stood up and then on
Friday early morning I was walking to the bathroom and just as I took my fourth
step I became extremely light headed and passed out for just a couple of
seconds.  I found myself on the floor looking up and then trying to get up.  
____, my youngest son, was just getting ready to take his shower for work (he
is now working at ___ unloading the supply trucks and seems to enjoy the
work) and he came downstairs to check on me.  Everyone else was fast asleep
since it was only 4:30 in the morning.  Then on Saturday, again around 4:30 am,
I feel again in the same spot as the day before.  At least I am consistent in
where I fall and that being on the carpeted floor and on my butt to cushion the
fall, all though I have to admit there isn't as much padding on my backside as
there once was!!!

> Also on Thursday I had my abdomen drained as a
precaution.  This time they only got out 3.5 liters of fluid, so the new chemo
treatments seem to be helping with the fluid issue. For a total of 23.5 liters
during the month of January.
> On Sunday after church, we went to _____ to
get some food since we were supposed to get up to 9 inches of snow (which
actually turned out to be only 3 inches, but very wet snow).  While ____ and I
were in getting food, ___ and ____ stayed in the car, it started to snow and
was coming down pretty good.  When ____ tried to start the engine, we found
that the battery had died.  We were trying to think of what to do, and ____
took off for home on foot to bring one of the other cars over to jump start
____ car.  After about 5 minutes a Good Samaritan came to our rescue and
gave us a jump start so we could get the car home.  On the way home we kept a
look out for ____, but didn't see him along the way and we started to get
worried.  He showed up at home about 5 minutes after we arrived, he decided to
take another way home other than the shortest distance.  _____ and me took the
old battery out of the car and went to ______ to get a new one.  _____ had to
do the heavy lifting since I could not.  The battery that was in the car was at
least 5 years old and was the original battery so it was time to replace it with
a better one.
> Finally on Sunday we were able to rest and relax and enjoy
one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time.  The game itself reminded me of the
Super Bowls back in the 60's when both teams fought a tough game from Kickoff to
the final play, what a great game.  My congratulation go out to the New England
Patriots fans and my condolences to the Seattle Seahawk fans.  I refuse to take
part in the great debate on why the Hawks tried to throw the ball to get it into
the end zone at the end of the game.  I am sure the Seattle coaches have their
reasons.  Once again congratulations to the New England Patriots.

On Monday we (____ and myself) went in for my second chemo treatment using the
new drugs, but we found out that my White Blood Count was way too low for them
to give me any chemo this week.  Instead they gave me some fluid via IV to help
increase my White Blood Count so that next week I can receive my chemo
treatment.  They also took some more blood to check on my Electrolytes to make
sure they are staying in check.  On Tuesday, the Doctor's office called and said
Electrolytes were all good except my sodium count was way too low; that would
explain why I am getting light headed and always seem to crave salts.  The
doctor also prescribed an antibiotic as a preventive measure to boost my immune
system to keep me from getting any infections while my White Blood Count is low.
So now I am on a high sodium diet to get my sodium levels up and Tomorrow
(Thursday, February 5th) I will go in for another blood draw to check on my
Electrolytes and then on Friday I will meet with the Doctor to make sure
everything is good with my Electrolytes.  He is concerned that I might start
increasing the fluids in my abdomen and wants to prevent me from having to go
into the ER to get it drained over the weekend. I just love the word
Electrolytes, it makes me think that there is some electricity in my blood.

> As you can see this past week has been an interesting one around here, with
a lot of curve balls just to keep live exciting.  Go to love how God keeps us on
our toes and just does not want us to become complaisance with the same old
mundane life!!!

> Speaking of February 5th that will be my 6 month
anniversary since I was first diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Stage IV.  I am
very proud of making it this far and yes I have beat the odds of only less than
6% of those diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer make it this far.  Time for a big
celebration, and that is what we will do when my Sister, Brother and
Sister-in-law come next week!!!!  I can't wait to see them again.
> Until
my next update remember to keep smiling, live Life's Wonderful Adventure to its
fullest, for it is God's ultimate gift to you, and stay warm and safe, and have
a wonderful week!!!  Please let others that are wondering how I am doing know or
you can forward this email to them.
> Roy

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