How is it, that we can know the situation and still feel shock? Certainly thought I had time to get you all up to date with his previous emails, only had one more to post…  I truly believe that Roy has been victorious, he may not have overcome Cancer but he has inspired my life and I KNOW many others forever!  Thank you Roy!

Walk in Roys Legacy and live everyday to the FULLEST!

Light and Love, Shona

The following is todays forwarded email with personal information edited…


Man!!!  I HATE cancer.

Sent: Friday, March 20, 2015 4:29 PM
Subject: Roy’s Passing

It is with unbelievable pain, that I tell you all that my husband of 27 years passed away today around 1:30. He was surrounded by family and our church Pastors.He fought a vigilent and valient battle against Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and went down fighting in the ICU went he went into Septic Shock with severe infection into his bloodstream which made it’s way into his lungs. His blood pressure remained low and white blood count cells were  too low ,unable to fight any infectious process. The ICU staff at____ were extraordinary in every sense of the word.

He will be cremated by ____ with a Memorial Service. I will most likely seek the advice of his sister, ____ with regards to Veterans Recognition as he was a Captain in the United States Air Force ______,____where we met. The Memorial will perhaps be sometime in April or May.

Thank you all from the rock bottom our heart for all your continued support. Roy wanted so desperately to overcome this. He continued working almost up to the last minute, enjoyed church services, and indulged in his joy and art of cooking and baking for his family and the church. He even made prime rib for us here at home and felt bad he over cooked it just 2 weeks ago.

He encourage everyone to live God’s great adventure each and everyday to it’s fullest.

Bless you all,


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