Fitness- Synergy 3

OK I didn’t snooze this week and I made it IN to Synergy class this morning. After that maxed out class last week I certainly learned my lesson and lo and behold I found an

Inside the room today!
Inside the room today!

other one. That class that started with only 2 the first week and maxed out last week had a grand total of 6 today. Turns out I could have been late and there would have still been room. Well we know from last weeks synergy lesson not to do that BUT what I learned today is a lesson I was told freshman year in college.  The message was “take a good look at those around you because by senior year nearly 3/4 of them will not be here.” I DID look around years later during my graduation and how many of you know that the speaker was just about right. Once the novelty wears off of what’s new, hot, and now, you will see who’s still standing. The question is will it be YOU?

Light and Love!



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