FOOD- Mid Day Snack

This is one of my general go to pick me ups.  First off- Bananas are ALL that for so many different reasons! Can you say Potassium?  Can you say Filling?  Can you say Bright Yellow, Hello Sunshine! And let me tell you about those almonds, now here is where our eating gets emotional (as if it already wasn’t with the banana description-Bwahaha!) These almonds are SALTED and SMOKED non of that plain shaved or slivered almonds over here.  These bad boys taste like… wait for it… BACON! Which I haven’t eaten in OMGoodness over twenty years but lets face it, you NEVER forget what good ole pork bacon tastes like, there used to be NOTHING like it! HA.  The tea flavor was a new choice. It wasn’t as pungent as I wanted but has a subtlely sweet linger that i found pleasant. Overall Score 10 out of 10!


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