I’ve been so blessed by how you guys are so easily willing to lift up ROY.  It moves me to tears to see how beautiful people can be because we don’t see it nearly enough but I believe its who we all really are.  Here is Roy’s first email letting everyone know. I know for those who have been moved to pray they would appreciate being a part of the journey and as you can see Roy does not mind sharing.  Also as you can see he utilized his sense of humor from the very beginning of this journey.  JOY gives us strength and its no wonder Roy has been so strong and inspiring through this…  The following is an edited version which gives all details but removes personal information.  PLEASE keep him lifted and I will post his only other update soon and you will be fully up to date. I feel like believing ROY will be VICTORIOUS!


Good Morning everyone

Hate to be the bearer of some bad news, but thought each of you should be aware of my current health status.

Last Friday evening (Aug 8th) around 7 pm we received word of the pathology report from the test that was conducted earlier in the week and the news was not good  – I have Pancreatic Cancer that has spread to the Liver.  My GI Doctor is going to be getting with an Oncology specialist to set up treatment plan that will include Chemo and Radiation treatments.  He did mention that with the improvements in the treatment the outlook is promising for putting this into remission.  From my research it does appear that they have made some significant improvements to the treatment of this cancer and I will be able to continue to work as I go through it.  So that is hopeful.

Needless to say this past weekend has been an interesting one for me and my family as we get our hands around what all this means.   Explaining this to the children was the most challenging but we remain positive and know that it is just another challenge to be faced.  And we are very grateful for all your thoughts and prayers this past week.

To end this note on a bright side – here are some positive things that have come out of all this:

  • I have lost over 40 lbs. and looking to lose some more.  I might even get below 200 lbs., which I haven’t been since college.  (However, I would not recommend this weight lost program to anyone.)
  • I have quit smoking all together now
  • I  will be getting a new hair style, and probably increase my hat collection.
  • And best of all, to know that the people I work with are the greatest people to work with and I truly appreciate them.

I will keep everyone updated as I learn more from the Oncologist.

If anyone needs me feel free to call me at either home  or on my cell or you can text me on my cell phone.  I will also be on email too.



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