OK, so here is the background on this post.  My husband started a new job at the end of July 2014 and of course as a result many new people made appearances in the story of his life.  One such person was a co-worker named Roy.  Not too long after meeting (around August 8th) Roy was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  Although current treatments have improved odds of survival This cancer still had a 6-10% survival rate especially considering by the time of diagnosis it had already spread to the liver.

Roy sent out an email personally delivering and confirming the news to his co-workers and friends and he included my husband on that list.  The following is his fourth update.  I share this for one reason only- I am AMAZED at the strength, grace and sense of humor that Roy has displayed through this brutally hard ordeal. After I read his updates I am Floored and inspired by his indomitable attitude. He usually always finds a way to encourage those reading and reminds us to enjoy this gift of life. As you will see, he does not mind sharing this journey with others.

My family prays for Roy daily and I just feel like believing he will be Victorious in this battle!  If you know the worth of prayer won’t you join us in Lifting up nothing but the best for Roy and his family! And while you are at it, Be INSPIRED by his Strength and Courage!

Subject: Update from Roy
Importance: Low

Good Morning, I hope this update finds everyone in good health and staying warm this March.  Remember it is only 9 more days until spring starts!!!!  St. Patrick’s day is only 1 weeks away on March 17th, which I also call my Half-Birthday – since it exactly 6 months from my last birthday and from my next birthday; what a way to celebrate it don’t you think?  Also this weekend is the NCAA Basketball selection Sunday – wonder if UK can stay unbeaten throughout the tournament?  They are my pick to take it all.

This past week was just another ok week.  I haven’t much of an appetite, mostly due to the mucus build in my sinuses.  My ears seem to be block, which is like having swimmer’s ear for days on end.  Also, I have found myself experiencing very weak conditions, especially in my legs, depending on the chair I am sitting in I need help in getting up.

This week is a week started off with another Chemo treatment on Monday, along with another blood draw and meeting with my Oncologist, Dr. Schultz.  The blood draw indicated all my counts are on the raise.  The only thing the Doctor was concerned about was my blood pressure, which was 86/58.  Funny how I went from high blood pressure to low pressure!!!  I am maintaining my 200 lbs. which means that I have lost 125 lbs. since late April 2014; and I am still adjusting to sudden weight lost and trying to get my center of balance figured out – which seems to be a challenge these days.  Jacque continues to administer giving me my Lovenox (interesting name) shots twice a day with a shot in the stomach area, which I can tell is starting to wear on her.  All I can do is give her words of encouragement for doing it!!!!

Have you ever been unable to use your thumbs and Index fingers?  Well that is something I am experiencing now and for the past couple of weeks.  I am unable to use them due to extreme chapping, even though I use hand cream to moisture them.  It makes doing things very difficult, especially typing and just trying to pick things up.  Hopefully they heal soon.

Well that is all I have for this week’s update.  I it time for me to fix some breakfast.  I hope everyone has a great week and until next my update remember to keep smiling, live Life’s Wonderful Adventure to its fullest, for it is God’s ultimate gift to you, and stay warm and safe, and have a wonderful week!!!

And as always please share this update with anyone that would be interested or ask how I am doing.



10 thoughts on “FAITH- AMAZING ROY

  1. Reblogged this on Totally Inspired Mind… and commented:
    Can everyone if you say prayer for roy? He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Pray in whatever way you like in whatever faith, but say one prayer. I hope Roy beats the heck out of cancer instead of it beating him. I know prayer works. I am a walking miracle.
    I hope God has other plans for Roy…better plans than seeing him all too soon.

    Paulette L Motzko


      1. Pray for me for my health and that I get my as I raised so I can support myself adequately. I moved here from CA last June.

        I have epilepsy and was diagnosed when I was 9 years old. I almost died 5 times and am still here.

        Paulette Motzko


  2. I shared this I’m totally inspired mind. I asked everyone of my 1871 followers say one prayer for Roy and to hope he beats cancer rather than it beating him.
    God bless you for printing this so I could find it.
    Paulette L Motzko


    1. People praying for Roy who don’t even know him represents the BEST of humanity! I’m so grateful and happy for Roy to be Lifted in this way! He doesn’t even know! He is SUCH a bright Spirit! God Bless your caring heart! Light and Love-Shona

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am glad I could help him by getting more help. If you tell him I think it would give him peace of mind and hope to know.

        Nice to meet you. I had a pretty bad day today so it is nice to hear something positive back my way, for all the positive I put out in the world.

        Paulette L Motzko


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