I really enjoyed this blog post. It conjured up various emotions for me. I especially liked the idea that time may not be linear. I hadn’t heard of that but when I mentioned it to an old school rock band bass player friend of mine- haha, he told me I did not watch enough Star Trek and he was right because I have never seen an episode. Anyway, check out this post! Not only is Talmage a VERY good writer, he is also one of my first blog followers! I so appreciated that and that’s how I found his blog and was captivated by this read… Enjoy!

jungle-1Not long ago in a dream I was visited by a beautiful girl who was my girlfriend for two months during my junior year of high school. At the time, I was a “too-religious” loner and she was a popular senior who, for some strange reason, saw something special in me, sought me out and told me about it. She talked to me like an equal. Though we never kissed (it was against academy rules) we became an item. When we broke up, it was because of poor communication on my part.

I’ve always deeply regretted that.

I’m not a Christian fundamentalist anymore, but I’ve always blamed myself for turning her away from the religion we held in common at the time. I was the most religious boy she’d ever met, and I broke up with her for no apparent reason. That probably convinced her that the religion was bogus.

When she left our strict…

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