Food- Today’s main dish

image Today’s main dish self-made and served shortly after 5 pm was a veggie omelet ( mushroom, onions, broccoli, and- wait for it- Mexican cheese) served on a crisp live grain tortilla, topped with a hot ketchup sauce. Yum! The review (yes of my own cooking;): ok every time I make this dish the best thing about it is the crisp tortilla (this one was broken in half in the bag- not a problem), I could totally make another one each time and eat it sans anything else except a dash of salt. The crunch is worth it alone but the the taste and texture are also the tops! The omelette came out good but I did add too much sauce for my taste:/ Score: 7 1/2 out of 10 I enjoy food! I have always been drawn to healthy eating and the older I get the more I can feel the benefits of healthy eating or better put the more I can FEEL the effects when I don’t eat healthy:/ I would say I eat healthy most of the time.  I must confess however that good food ( especially when combined with presentation and ambience) is exciting to me:/ Would that be considered Emotional eating? Gulp! Haha! I once read a FB post by a famous someone who is very fit and she said she is not a good cook but she always eats healthy and that she doesn’t eat for taste only health and nutrition. I thought wow, what self discipline, no wonder she looks so good. And hey the mirror doesn’t lie so she should get her props. I thought “maybe I should try to do that”… and then I reached for my natural strawberry preserves, put a nice healthy dallop (practically spilling off the spoon) into my plain Greek yogurt and gave it a whirl- ahhhh- the delight (there’s that pesky emotion again:/) of good TASTE! eat, drink and be merry! Light and Love, Shona


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