So I arrive to the gym this morning and head towards the Synergy room and this is what I get!  A closed door to a room at max capacity!  This is the same Synergy class that only had TWO of us last week!!  HAHA!  The most amazing part of it all was there was a lady in front of me going into the class who was told they were maxed out (which I heard as I was RIGHT behind her) and when she turned around Lo and Behold, it was the lady from last week!!  The irony–the only two to show up last week where the ones turned away this week:/  Last week I was there AT opening- 5am (My normal start time is 5:15 am) to avoid this very thing and I would imagine that lady (don’t you love how you just refer to people by that lady, that man, that boy, or that girl when you don’t know there name? Funny and weird all at the same time especially when you have to repeat it in a post a hundred times) was doing the same thing as she was practically right behind me coming in last week.

This is a classic example of snoozing and losing.  Its obvious we took for granted that things would be as they were last week. One, two, maaaaybe three more people but certainly not maxed out!  The lesson seemed to blare as I headed to another class to get my morning workout in: There are no guarantees.  If you want something you have to be intentional about positioning yourself to attain it.  If you don’t somebody- maybe 12 somebody’s- WILL be there waiting to take your spot!  If you show up late, you just might be turned away at the door and the spot of privilege you had (even a week before) will be taken and you will be watching the people (from outside the door) who didn’t SLEEP!

Be intentional, don’t snooze on you!!

Light and LOVE,



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