FREESTYLE- I’m Beautiful and so are YOU!

So I watched a viral video of a little girl called Ms. CiCi that has caused some positive waves on the internet today.

Long story short, the little girl was called ugly by a classmate and she ends up “letting him know a thing or two” and puts him in his proverbial place.

I think this little girl is adorable, brave and full of wit and most of the comments I read said about the same.

HOWEVER, for all the first class sass this little girl has, right before she says the word the boy called her -“ugly” , she pauses and I could see pain.  In the midst of everyone cheering how she stood up for herself, I wonder how the pain is being acknowledged or addressed if it is at all.

This little girl is SMART and  BEAUTIFUL, but the truth is her aesthetic is not one that is generally celebrated in our society. Everybody is disturbed by the little boy’s (and his parents) words but instead of being offended and judgmental, I think we all would be better served if the heart of the matter were addressed and that is- we live in a world where people can not see beauty in others because they can not see it in themselves.  They focus on the external because it is easier to deal with than their own internal.

They have developed superficial standards and made them ideals, lo idols. They bow to them and castigate anyone who doesn’t meet these expectations and in doing so punish themselves daily because they themselves don’t meet the very standards they set.  Feeling always punished and therefore in pain, they lash out at others and cause them pain, and the beat goes on and on… and Ms. Cici and the little boy both in Pre-K 4 show that is starts EARLY!

I hope we do more than JUST cheer CiCi for her confidence, I hope we all do our part to break this cycle of pain by learning to love ourselves and seeing our own beauty so that we can acknowledge the beauty of others and thereby affirm and lift them WITH LOVE.  Let’s be intentional about it!  Teach your children to love themselves and others.  Tell yourself you are beautiful, then Tell a child, a grown woman, a grown man…  Human beings can see the beauty in a ladybug and can’t see the beauty in another human?  Something is not right with that but starting with ourselves we can change it!

THAT is the Soul of PHDinMEBlog!!!!!

Light and Love,



One thought on “FREESTYLE- I’m Beautiful and so are YOU!

  1. Reblogged this on PHDinMeBlog and commented:

    A post from March 7th 2015. A reminder to love yourself and others (especially children but of course ALL)! Today I saw a picture that Jim Carrey labeled, “I am nothing, what a relief” I totally got where he was coming from and actual felt happy for him that he was experiencing relief, but isn’t it funny how we are all called to something different in this world to shine and be a light to those whose journey crosses our paths. I believe someone needs to hear what Jim is sharing and that feeling of his is a needed confirmation for someone. But for me, it’s a total no no! I am EVERYTHING, what a relief is more like it for me. That sentiment is what I am called to and for those that are sent to hear from me, THAT is the spiritual confirmation THEY need to hear! BRIGHT LIGHT and LOVE, Shona


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