OK so this is my like 5th post and I am so amped and encouraged already and I wanted to shout it out RIGHT AWAY!!

My last post way liked by 5 (FIVE) yes 5 Bloggers and I AM SO HAPPY about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know some people would be thinking, “she’s all excited over 5 people?”  You darn tooting I am!  I feel like I just broke the internet and didn’t even have to show my booty!!!!!!!!!!

What a support system in the blogging community!  I do not take it for granted and I want everyone, but especially those who have taken the time to read thus far, to receive in return the blessings of encouragement you have given me in double proportion!  You rock! You will be amongst those who will be able to say, “I remember when she first started!!!”

EVERYONE, follow PHDinMEBlog (leave comments) because I am just getting STARTED, for real!  And with encouragement like this, hold onto your hats while your here, cuz we are gonna be riding a fantastic voyage!!!!!!!!

LIGHT and LOVE!!!!!


PS- Visit my past posts and after you finish check out the bloggers who like my posts!  They are good peoples!!!!!!



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