So I was up this morning at 4:34 am and left the house with a goal to arrive at the gym at 5. I was excited to try the new Synergy  HIIT class.  Its new where I work out so all this month they are offering it for FREE as Demos!  HOLLAAAA! Im all about taking advantage of FREE when Its something I want to try!  Anyway, the class was supposed to max at 12 people so I was on it.  I was the 8th person in line so I chilled when I put my bag down and waited for 5 for the our Front Desk Guy to check us in (he rocks by the way!-totally helps make my morning for over two years now:).  I walked back to the class and the doors were locked but the trainer saw me and let me in.  I signed in and TA-DA!  I was number one on the list!!! Check√ first goal accomplished and it’s not even 5:15 (Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad you know it Shum on and the whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again-Who’s Bad?)  HAHA!  Another lady came in and I pointed her towards the sign up sheet.  Went to the Locker room to pass some time since my spot was secure and when I came back they were ready.  No one else showed up (and here I was trying to beat the CROWD!).  Oh well, I had wanted to get a spot and I did!  Did someone say #1?

The trainer started showing us around the equipment before we began and demonstrating what exercises we should do at each station.  The other lady came across as someone who felt she was advanced in fitness as opposed to myself who was more eager beaver excited looking like a newbie (I’m not, that’s just how it looks when I am amped).  The trainer, seemingly finding it hard to impress the other lady, began to pour extra attention on her and show her all the ways the she could be sure even she would get a good workout!  HAHA!  AS you can see, I get a kick out of watching people so I found the whole thing entertaining and a bit saddening as I wished the trainer was a bit more secure and didn’t feel she needed to do as much selling her on it.  I figure if a person is really advanced, even if an instructor says do knee push-ups you can always modify and do two two-finger push-ups like Bruce Lee and it can all be good! HA!  ANYHOO!  We got started and all was well. We did

Tricep Throws                        Lunge with Rotations                            Single arm curls

Squats                                   Seated Russian Twists                           Ropes

Wall Ball                                Traveling Pushups

TRX-Chest Press                  Knee Tucks

Those ropes were no joke and probably were the most challenging to me.  No I take that back, that would have been the Knee Tucks hanging from those bars only because the bars pinched the guacamomo out of my hands. We finished two circuits which took about 45 minutes and I felt a few trickles slide down my face, I knew then that it had all been worth it! I may try it again next week as the trainer said she wouldn’t be there and that every trainer has a different style.

Before heading to the Lockers, I went to my regular class and caught the end of some core work. I left before cool down.

So all in all, gym was good this morning?  What new thing(s) have you done in fitness lately?  I like to mix it up a little from time to time!  Speaking of that, check back for my next fitness post on —HOT YOGA !!!!!!!!


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