Pancakes Anyone?

OK, so I was at home school gym as usual (yes, we are a home school family!! Follow PHDinMEBlog to hear about ALL of our wild academic adventures!) minding my business, when I get a text from the worlds greatest husband (mine of course) telling me that today is National Pancake Day and that pancakes were free today at IHOP.  Im like “whuuut”? and laugh it off because its so not in my schedule.  They kids were doing their PE thing and I scrolled through the phone to see how legit this offer was.  I mean I didn’t want my hubby to be giving people false info and all;)  SO I looked it up and it sure enough looked for real, but still it wasn’t in my schedule.  I went and told some of the other ladies, just in case they would be interested and amongst them I got a few skeptics and a few laughs!  I still was not going just telling others.  I give the kids their lunch in the car after home school gym so that when we get home we can get right back to crackalackin with the books, etc.  When I put the key in the ignition, I was about to reach to get those PB &J’s when I thought “WE GOIN”.  We have to be spontaneous sometimes and ENJOY OUR LIVES!  As a mother I know these babies are only little for a very brief time.  I’m blessed to be with them all day and soak in EVERY MOMENT!  We have been having a ball for years now!!!!!!!

So off we went without them knowing of course because I value my NERVES!  My son said, “Im hungry as if to subtly hint “you forgot to give us our food.”  I simply replied, “OK.”  When I pulled up in the parking lot with the bright blue and white IHOP sign, they literally gasped!  HAHAHA!  They were like, “are we EATING here?”  HAHAHAHA!   When I replied “Yup” they shouted, “YAAAAAAY!!!!!  and started unbuckling and stumbling over themselves in the back of the van.  They were ecstatic and I loved it!  I told them “OF COURSE we are, Its National Pancake Day!!” as if I’d known about it forever.  They screamed again, “YAAAAAAAYYYY!”  Like they had just won cars from Oprah!!!!!!!!!  I Loved it!!!!!!!!!  Of course I gave daddy props and told them that actually he texted and let me know!  They were like “Thanks mom!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!”  Awww, those sweet little precious peas!!!!!!!!!  All that love and glee over pancakes I’ll take it- WITH Warmed Old Fashioned Syrup!!!!!!!!!!!!


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