OK so after exploring way more options than I thought I would, I have decided to build a PHDinMe Website and—Wait for it—SELF-HOST! Yep, I said it.  ANYONE who knows me just heard DUN DA DUN DA DUUUUUN! I am an old school paper and pen girl but I am also a bit of a DIY’er and have always liked to have my OWN.  I am STILL trying to figure out all the gadgets let alone the world!?@&^^!  Code makes me cough:/ Not only have I ever associated myself with the techie world but I have actually disassociated myself from it and literally thought “there is no way” and “ewww thats for them, not me”. HOWEVER as I was looking into it, I was surprised that I was understanding the concepts.  Literally surprised!  So much so that I realized I had convinced myself it was all over my head.  Wow.  Goes to show that what you believe will be.  Now, sure I had to read certain sentences 3 times and google particular words or acronyms such as SEO (yikes) but once I did, I got the concept!  I told my husband and eldest and they thought it would be a good idea for me to do and as usual began to get excited about it and pump me up.  And with that I was off (the rocker perhaps!)

SOOOOOO, as I lament the notion of giving up the idea of a user friendly drag and drop fully hosted site, for the murky waters of self-hosting, I hold my nose and dive in!  The good thing is there are people who know a lot more than me that I can use as my superhero F1’s when the waters get to deep:)  You might as well follow along or join me and build your own!  Who knows where this will lead. I see plenty of frustration, But I’m going for it.  I plan to keep this site up and running throughout this process updating you on my new techie venture (OMG) and of course steadily blogging on all things PHDinME!

Did somebody say hashtag #trynewthings OOOOOOH it was hashtag #challengeyourself   OK GOT IT!!!!!!!!!


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